Workshop “Energy of the day”

Energy of the day

Welcome to the page dedicated to the “Energy of the Day” workshop!

Course Description: This is a basic ten-day workshop during which you will learn to perceive, feel and feel the energy of each individual day. It’s no secret that one day is not like another. On some days, everything is like clockwork, and on others, no matter what you start, everything stops. It’s true.

Why it happens? Because energy changes every day. The energy coming from Heaven is different every day. Passing through a person, it is transformed in accordance with the personal energies of each. Therefore, one has a good day, and the other has a complete failure. In Chinese metaphysics, all these energies are described in detail and accurately. We will be guided by these descriptions. If you do not know anything about Chinese metaphysics, then this will not prevent you from taking this basic course. Because it is on it that we will analyze the basic concepts. But not in theory, as is often taught, but immediately in practice.

During the course, special energy practices will be given that will help you tune in to the energy of each day and understand its essence for you. The course is perfectly combined with your daily activities. To complete the course tasks, you will need to allocate 15-20 minutes daily in the morning and evening.

Results: after completing the “Energy of the Day” workshop, you will be able to learn how to use the energies you have realized in the future, because the energies repeat and move in cycles.

Value: Clarity. Clarity – now it will be clear and understandable for you what you can expect from each next day, what is better to plan for which day, taking into account the energies of the day. You will understand which day will energetically strengthen your actions. Realizing this value will help you be more confident and courageous every day.

Who is this course for?

  • People who are aware that there are some big energies around us that affect our lives;
  • Those who feel energy;
  • Lovers of meditation and self-development;
  • Beginners and experienced practitioners of metaphysics;
  • Those interested in energy practices and esotericism;

If this applies to you, join the safe and comfortable group of the Energy of the Day workshop.

Goals, requirements, dates

The purpose of the workshop: to learn to understand the energies of each day.

Requirements for participants: enthusiasm for the study of the goal, experience in meditation or spiritual practices is desirable. Mental health.

Workshop start date: 11/04/2022

Workshop duration: 10-12 days.

Who is conducting the course?

The course is conducted personally by David Vekua, a researcher of human energy, a master of Chinese metaphysics, a qigong practitioner, a well-known astrologer and fortune teller.

Participant feedback


David, it is with great gratitude that I write a review. Perhaps it is somewhat chaotic, because the “consequences” of the course have not subsided yet. It was a completely unusual experience for me. First of all, I am surprised that I got into this group. I had absolutely nothing to do with Chinese metaphysics before I accidentally got on David’s channel on YouTube. A reasonable approach to forecasts and some kind of calm confidence of the author bribed me, and I subscribed to the channel. When I saw an offer to join a closed group, I didn’t really think about it, which is generally not typical for me. What the trust was based on – I cannot formulate, but there was a feeling that this should be done. The practices themselves are ten ordinary days that have become a journey into a parallel reality. Undoubtedly, conscious observation of oneself is always useful. But in our case, in addition to my own awareness, for me there was absolutely no doubt a feeling of being connected to powerful energies, moreover, in compliance with safety regulations. The final circle of power gave many insights. Organizationally, everything was just fine. A clearly formulated task for every day, as if they are leading you by the hand. It is very nice that the members of the group share their reports, it creates the effect of friendly support. As for the practical benefits, I react more calmly to what is happening around me, while I am a tree. I am learning to use the energy of the sky for earthly affairs. I would advise not only those who are already interested in Chinese metaphysics to take an internship. I think that it will be useful to all those interested in the energy and spiritual structure of the world.


David, thank you for this practice! It was exciting and very curious, I try to keep track of the energies of each day in order to understand them more deeply for myself. For me personally, this course was like a kind of way to learn how to properly interact with the Universe. Man and the Universe appear to me as a small child and a parent. Until the child speaks, he cannot interact effectively with the parent. Yes, a mother or father understands the basic needs of their child, just as the Universe takes care of a person, but only when the child learns to talk can he articulate his desires and needs more clearly. Of course, this all sounds consumerist, but this is only at the first stage, because the older the child, the more he understands certain actions and decisions of his parents, and ideally corrects his desires and actions so as to be a worthy person. I expect this from myself – to understand how to be a worthy person, how to bring joy and prosperity to yourself and others. These expectations are not from this course in isolation, but rather this course as one of the tools for understanding the laws of the Universe (along with classical science). It may sound conceited and overly ambitious, but in no way do I pretend to reveal all the secrets of the Universe, I just want to move in the direction of knowledge. I really liked the way this course was structured, with mandatory daily reports. It was disciplined. It was also a kind of test of how interesting and important it is for me. I also thank all the participants for going through this stage with me.


David, my acquaintance with your forecasts happened on YouTube by chance. Although there are no coincidences … I watched videos with great interest and shared links with friends. Bribed brevity and accessibility to understanding the material. Looking forward to new videos. Subscribed to your pages in social networks. I gladly accepted the offer to join the closed group. Jumped into the last car! There were doubts in myself, since I am a beginner. I asked myself questions: “Can I do everything right? Will I be of any use?” I took it step by step, like a small child learning to walk. The group feels a trusting environment, support, mutual respect. All tasks were clearly formulated and explained. A good approach with daily reporting, as it disciplines (otherwise I would have taken off from the group). I received answers to all my questions. To recognize, distinguish and consciously feel the energies – this exceeds all expectations. The practice of passing the circle of power shocked me! I am still coming to my senses. I will advise my friends and acquaintances to definitely undergo training in order to feel that drift … – the power of energy. I myself will continue to study deeper, apply knowledge on the physical plane. For me, “metal” is a must. Now I have become calmer, a little smarter thanks to you, David.


Good evening! I will be brief and without preludes. I liked everything!!! Impressions from the course and its author are simply amazing!!! You are an excellent teacher. Everything is perfect. The knowledge and experience gained is invaluable to me. The course will be of interest to any inquisitive mind, not limited by the scope of this reality, and for lovers of esotericism, metaphysics and other miracles, this is just a gift. And if from childhood something is wrong with you and you sometimes hear and see what others do not see and do not hear, then you are definitely here. What is the benefit of your program leadership? Yes, in everything. What could we have done without your guidance? Again, it’s perfect. 


I don’t even know how to describe in words. Watching your work on the YouTube channel pushed me to your group. Not by chance, of course. Numbers, calculations, tables scare me. I rather intuitively feel how it works. And being in the same field with you, in order to get a systematic experience of feeling and living through sensations, is the most valuable thing for me at this stage. I like your flow of calculations on the channel and your energy flow. Therefore I am with you. I’m studying. Thank you for these stays. And if I am useful to you and the group in research, then it’s just wonderful!


Good day to all. I thank David for taking me to the team to gain new knowledge and a new experience of passing energies. Nothing in our life is accidental if a person longs for new spiritual practices. This interesting knowledge allowed me to open my possibilities from the other side, allowed me to understand what controls my energies every day. I was very interested in the teaching, I would like to understand it more deeply.


Good day! I am a person who values ​​my personal time very much, because this is the resource that you can never return. And what or whom I spend it on is of tremendous importance to me. I met David on YouTube, although I had nothing to do with Chinese metaphysics. The nature of my work taught me to understand people. That presentation of information by David in the prediction of certain events bribed me. They had something that is close to me personally, namely clarity, brevity, logicality, validity and, as a result, truthfulness. There was a sense of professionalism in this area! And when an offer was received to participate in a closed community, I certainly could not miss the opportunity to communicate with a person who could become my teacher and guide to that world, which for many seems beyond. I knew, or rather, I intuitively felt what I would spend my precious resource on! Throughout the training, when submitting the material, the same clarity, brevity, structuredness and thoroughly thought-out presentation of information were traced. This greatly facilitated the task of getting to know the energies. The Circle of Power, as a logical conclusion to the first stage of training, is generally Wow! Those emotions, those feelings that I experienced over these few days in everyday life are not so easy to meet. Going into this project, I knew for sure that I would get something unusual and vital for me in the future. I wasn’t wrong! David, my thanks for taking the course is a small price to pay for what I received in return. THANK YOU for emotions, skills, experience and your skill. I would recommend this course to those who are looking for an answer to any vital question for them. Those who understand that the world is not limited to its physical plane. For those who want to expand their horizons.


Good evening everyone!
David, thank you for an interesting experience! Attunement with the leading energy of the day is a great practice: awareness of what to pay attention to and insights into how this attunement can be used to balance your state is a valuable result of these days. The whole value of the course is not yet fully realized by me – it is revealed every day with new shades. Special thanks for the soft and at the same time clear, concise, structured presentation of the material and setting the task for each stage of work. The condition to issue a report every evening very well structures and motivates for observation and, in this case, does not bother. Attention to each participant gives a sense of the presence of the Master, who knows where he is leading the group. And at the same time, each participant goes on his own, through his own subjective experience. An excellent course that will be useful to those who want to show and feel their unfamiliar facets and learn to tune in to the outside world. Thanks to.


Good day. David, I thank you for the invitation to the group and the invaluable knowledge that comes to me through you, shaping my new experience. One of my goals is to increase the awareness of life in general and each day I live in particular. The acquired knowledge, methods and practices, I am sure, will be able to provide me with the necessary assistance on this difficult path, as well as get rid of negative traits in my character. I am pleased to communicate with you and my like-minded people, despite the distances between us. I feel the warmth of your hearts. Thank you for being with me and I with you. Even a few classes have brought some changes in my life. In particular, they made me stop and think, to look at what is happening from a slightly different angle, more calmness and confidence appeared. Your calmness, intelligence, knowledge and fairly accurate interpretation of upcoming events on your YouTube channel inspires optimism. I like working with you. Thanks to!

The cost of participation in the workshop

The cost of passing the energy workshop is $100 for each participant.


For those who take part in the course, there is a -50% discount on individual astrology reading.

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Sincerely, the head of the workshop “Energy of the Day”, David Vekua.