IRK BITIG – an ancient book of divination

IRK BITIG is the largest monument in the ancient Turkic language, the original text was discovered in 1902 and is kept in Great Britain. Yrk Bitig is an ancient fortune-telling book, undoubtedly the most interesting text that has come down to our times. No instructions for its use have been found.

How to use the book? Mentally ask a question, focus on it for at least a minute, breathe in and out.

Now choose one of the numbers from 1 to 67. Read the appropriate passage. Interpret based on the images from the text and your feeling.

1 I am Ten Xi (i.e. the Chinese Emperor). Morning and evening, sitting on a golden throne, I rejoice. Know this: it’s good!

2 I am the god of the road on a piebald horse. I ride in the morning and evening. He met a two-month-old son of a man. The man got scared. He said, “Don’t be afraid! I will give happiness! Know this: it’s good.

3 I am a black eagle with golden wings. Although I am not yet strong, I catch on the sea what I like and eat my favorite. So I am strong. Know this: it’s good!

4 I am a light falcon with dark specks. Sitting on a sandalwood tree, I rejoice. So know.

5 They say: Bek (prince) went to the herd of horses. The white mare foaled. A stallion with golden horseshoes – well done! He went to the camels. A white camel gave birth to a baby camel. A male camel with a golden muzzle – well done! He came to his house. The third wife (princess) gave birth to a boy. (They) said: Bek (prince) – well done! In fact, bek is good! This is very good!

6 They say: a bear and a boar collided at the crossing. The belly of the bear was torn. The boar’s tusks were broken. Know this: it’s bad.

7 They say: (When) a husband comes quickly, he will bring good news. Know this: it’s good!

8 They say: I am a snake with a golden head. When my golden belly was cut with a sword, I fell out of myself. My head is at home. Know this: it’s bad!

9 They say: the big house burned down. There wasn’t even a reason left. Not even the roof was left. So know: this is bad!

10 I am a stretching tiger. My head in the reeds is so big. Valiant me! So know!

11 They say: the messenger came on a gray horse and with a free horse, bringing good news. So you know – it’s very good!

12 They say: the husband went hunting. He shamanized in the mountains. Tengri is powerful. So know this is bad.

13 They say: the heavenly (i.e. close to death) old woman stayed at home (when others migrated). She licked the oil ladle and came to life. This is how she escaped death. So know!

14 They say they tied a raven to a tree. Tie tightly and well. So know!

15 They say: above was darkness, below was dust. The chicks went astray on the fly. The animals (lit. deer) lost their way on the run. The sons of men went astray as they walked. In the third year, by the grace of heaven, everyone met again safely. Everyone was happy and having fun. So know – it’s good!

16 They say the skinny horse got fat. She went up the pasture. In another pasture, a thief met, he caught her and sat on her astride. (Horse) was in scabs from mane to tail. They say only a whip can make her stand up. So know: this is bad!

17 They say that the riding horse on the east side was completely emaciated and emaciated. By the power of the sky, she saw mountain streams and water, and in the thicket she saw green grass. She trotted over there. After drinking water and eating herbs, she got rid of death.

18 They say: How is the inside of the yurt tent? What’s a smoker? What are the windows? You can see through them! What’s the roof? She is good! What is the rope? They bind. So you know – it’s very good!

19 They say: the white horse, choosing from the three rebirths of his opponent, sent to repentance and prayer. “Do not be afraid, pray well! Do not be terrified, beg well!”. So know it’s good!

20 I am a male camel. I spray with white foam. Above (she) reaches Tengri (sky), and below (she) enters the earth. I run, waking the sleeping and making the lying ones rise. I am so strong! So know!

21 They say: a black hoopoe will not change even in a year (it will not become tame). “Don’t ask, don’t look, you scared (me)!” (he will say). So know!

22 They say: (someone) with a long cloak dropped her mirror into the lake. In the morning she cried, and in the evening she was killed. So you know, it’s sad. This is very stupid!

23 They say that a young man found a cuckoo feather. The bride decorated with it will be happy. So know – it’s good!

24 They say: A blind foal in a herd of stallions is looking for nipples. Everything is dark, noon, midnight. So know this is bad.

25 They say: (someone) harnessed two oxen to one team. And they, not being able to walk, stood. So you know – it’s bad!

26 They say: the dawn broke, then the earth lit up, then the sun shone. Light shone over everything. So know – it’s good!

27 They say the rich man’s sheep was afraid. She faced a wolf. The wolf sucked her udder. All remained alive and well. So know it’s good.

28 They say: the khan, sitting on the throne, set up his horde. His people stood (before him). Good (people) gathered from all four sides (of the world), and everyone rejoiced and had fun. So know – it’s good!

29 They say: a gambling man gambled with his son and servants. He did not lose his son and servants. Moreover, he won nine hundred sheep. They say his son and wife were happy. So know it’s good.

30 They say: the son of a poor man went to work. His path was successful. Rejoicing and rejoicing, he returned. So know – it’s good!

31 They say: the leopard went to hunt deer. He found his prey. Then he returned to his hole joyful and happy. So know it’s good.

32 They say: one meadowsweet made a hundred. From a hundred meadowsweet became a thousand. From a thousand meadowsweet became ten thousand, they say! So know – there is a benefit in this. It’s good!

33 They put the felt into the water. “Beat more! Is he strong? said. So you know it’s bad.

34 They say: the khan went on a military campaign. He struck down his enemies. Moving and settling (them), he returned. He himself and his army, joyfully and having fun, returned back to the horde. So know – it’s good!

35 They say: the husband went on a military campaign. On the (return) journey, his horse got tired. Husband met a swan bird. He sat on the wings of a swan bird. Rising up, he returned to his mother and father. Mother and father rejoiced and had fun. So know – it’s good!

36 They say: if there are owners of many horses, you have no joy. If there are owners of a few horses, you have no fear. You don’t have high (?) happiness. So you know – this is very bad!

37 They say that one old ox was eaten by ants. Unable to move, he stood. So you know – it’s bad!

38 They say: (she) lived among the reeds. Let the objectionable confidante of Tengri become a mistress. So know it’s good!

39 They say: the horse was untangled incorrectly, and (he) being unable to move, stood still. So you know – it’s bad!

40 A brave boy struck with an arrow and cut the rock in two. They say he went alone (to fight). He was such a hero. So know – it’s good!

41 A white cow with black spots was about to calve. She said: I will die! She calved a light speckled bull. It is suitable for donation. They say she escaped death. So know – it’s good!

42 The woman left her dishes and went on her way. She thought well again. “Where did I go without my dishes?” she said. She returned to find her dishes unharmed and whole. She rejoiced and had fun. So know – it’s good!

43 They say that the falcon went to the lake for prey. Another black bird of prey flew up to meet them. So you know it’s bad.

44 They say: with the word “hare!” the falcon (rushed) down from the sky. The falcon’s claws clung (to the hare) and when it rose up again, the falcon’s claws became numb. The hare’s skin faded, and he ran away. So you know it’s bad.

45 “I am a baby deer. Without grass and without water, how can I cope? he said. So you know it’s bad.

46 They say: the camel fell into the mud. At first he ate himself, (then) the fox ate him, they say. Know this – it’s bad!

47 The husband, humbly walking (crawling), met with Tengri (Heavenly deity) and asked for blessings (happiness). (Tengri) bestowed a blessing and said: “Let there be (numerous) cattle in your pen! You yourself be long-lived! So know – it’s good!

48 I am the old deity of the roads. I will sweep your broken sweep, I will connect your torn one! I am the organizer of the state. Let it be good! So know.

49 They say: the leopard went hunting for prey. On the way, he met a mountain goat. A motley mountain goat climbed a steep rock. (Thus) got rid of death. He began to rejoice and rejoice at this deliverance, they say. So know it’s good.

50 They say: tie up the tail of a good horse and let it gallop across the field. Drive a lazy horse until nine rows of sweatshirt under the saddle sweat. So you know it’s bad.

51 I am a black bird of prey. The green rock is my summer residence. The red rock is my winter residence. Living on that mountain, I rejoice. So know!

52 They say: the man was sad, but the sky was cloudy. The sun has risen between (the clouds)! In the midst of (sorrow) joy has come! So know – it’s good!

53 They say: there was a gray cloud. It spilled over the people. There was a black cloud. It spilled over everyone. Grains are ripe, grasses have grown. Both cattle and people were fine. So know – it’s good!

54 They say: the word of a slave with a prayer is sent to the prince. The word of the crow is sent with a request to the sky. Above, the sky heard, and below, man recognized. So know it’s good.

55 They say: the son of a hero-husband went on a military campaign. They say that on the battlefield they promised to make him a nobleman. When he returned home, he became one. Joy comes with a horse. So you know – it’s very good.

56 I am the fertile stallion of the herd. My summer residence is (among) walnut trees. My winter residence is (among) trees with bird nests. Living there, I am happy! So know – it’s good!

57 They say: the lover is dead, and the mistress is cold. Why did the lover die? He was a prince. Why is the mistress cold? She sits in the sun. So know: at the beginning of this “oracle” there is a little sadness. Then it will be good again.

58 They say: (a certain) son, angry with his parents, disappeared (from home). But then he became sad and returned home, saying: “May I receive instructions from my mother. May I hear the words of my father!” So know – it’s good!

59 I will not allow those who have reached (big) years to suffer; Let them be the best! So know this is good.

60 They say: I am a deer-deer with antlers branched to nine. Standing on beautiful knees, I moo. Above heard Tengri. A man recognized below. So I’m strong! So know – it’s good!

61 They say: the crane sat down to eat. He was seized with gluttony. Not being able to fly, he sat, they say. So you know – it’s bad!

62 They say: I am a yaragun beast. I spend the summer on the windless side of my mountains. I am cheerful! So know – it’s good!

63 They say: the Khan’s army set out to hunt. A roe deer was caught in a roundup. Khan caught him. All the ordinary army rejoiced at him. So know – it’s good!

64 They say: I am a piebald falcon. Sitting on a rock with a wide view, I look around. Going down to the walnut trees, I spend the summer. So know it’s good.

65 They say: the fat horse’s mouth hardened. The owner (of the horse) could not (open). So you know it’s stupid.

66 Now, my beloved son, know this, this book of example is good! So different is the fate of each!

67 In the year of the leopard, the second month, the fifteenth (date), I, a junior student of the Tai Gong Tang monastery, wrote this for our (spiritual) listener burwa guru Isig Senggun Itachuk.




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