Gift certificate for a personal horoscope and astrology reading

Please your loved ones if you know that they are fond of esotericism, metaphysics or believe in energy. Often they do not dare to give themselves such a gift, postponing the purchase of a personal horoscope. By giving a personal horoscope to someone you love, you will give him the opportunity to look at himself and his life from an energetic point of view. Drawing up an individual horoscope helps to find answers to many questions that a person asks himself, but does not say them out loud in front of other people. Because they are deeply personal and important to a person.

The main purpose of astrological consultation is to give answers to a person’s personal questions. An additional bonus from astrological consultation is increased awareness, self-acceptance, a deep understanding of your needs and a new understanding of your life strategy. So, the hidden additional benefits far exceed the initial expectations.

How does an astrological consultation work?

This is a truly fascinating path for everyone, because the consultation is about the person himself, about his fate, making important decisions, strengths and weaknesses of character. Any person considers himself important and these hour and a half will be about him, which is nice. At the beginning, an analysis of a person’s birth chart and descriptions of all spheres of life takes place. Then the one you make happy can ask questions and get answers right away.

Who conducts astrological consultation?

The consultation is conducted personally by David Vekua, a Feng Shui master, an experienced astrologer and coach. In this section you can read the most detailed information about it.

Where does the astrological consultation take place?

If the person to whom you present the certificate is located in Kyiv, then the consultation will be scheduled in a convenient and pleasant institution. Coffee and tea are included in the price of the consultation, in order to have a pleasant conversation on useful themes.

How long does an astrological consultation take?

The time allotted for the consultation is two hours. If there is a desire to continue to learn aspects of one’s destiny, then this time can be extended for an additional fee.

Terms of use of the certificate

The gift certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. The gift certificate can be used by another person, subject to the consultant’s notification. Each certificate has its own number and is issued personally by me. The gift certificate will be sent electronically to the specified e-mail after full payment.

For whom would this be a wonderful gift?

for friend;

for sister;

for mother;

for daughter;

for colleagues;

for those who are interested in astrology;

for energy practitioners;

You will receive a personal certificate in electronic form.

How much does a consultation certificate cost?

The price of one certificate is $500. Give a loved one a wonderful and useful gift from the heart! Or maybe a close person is you yourself? You can also please yourself. When buying two gift certificates for an astrological consultation at once, the discounted price will be only $900.

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