Acupuncture points are points on the human body located on the energy meridians. Impact on these points is able to direct the qi energy in the human body.

Astrologer is a scientist of metaphysics who studies the influence of energies, stars and planets on people, situations and the world in general. Able to make correct astrological predictions and read maps of people’s lives.

Astrology – a metaphysical science about the influence of planets and stars on a person’s destiny

Astronomy – the science of the physical position of planets and stars, their movement in space

Astrological consultation – an event during which the client asks questions to the astrologer, and he answers based on the interpretation of the energies of the client’s birth chart and current energy situation

Astrological forecast – calculation of the most probable development of events based on the current energy situation. To compile an astrological forecast, only metaphysical methods of assessing reality are used.


Ba Zi is an ancient Chinese astrological system based on the eight digits of a person’s date of birth. Used to predict fate.

Blessed dragon – a concept from Feng Shui, an auspicious annual direction, is opposite Tai Yin.

Birth chart – an astrological assessment of the energies at the moment of the first breath of a person on the planet, corresponds to the astronomical position of the planets and stars at the time of birth.


Chinese calendar is a chronology system consisting of cyclically arranged signs: heavenly stems and earthly branches.

Client – an individual using the services of a consultant;

Consultant Ba Zi – specialist in Chinese astrology and metaphysics;

Consultation – a meeting agreed upon and scheduled for a specific date and time, during which the consultant answers the client’s questions.

Confidentiality – the entire consulting process is strictly confidential and classified, no data or part of the data can be communicated to third parties by the consultant. The consultant bears personal reputational responsibility for confidentiality and respects the client.

Consultation process – starts from the moment you send your data to the consultant, includes all the time spent on working on your horoscope and ends at the end of the consultation. May be continued if the client continues to use other consultant services.


Dian Tian is the energy center in the human body. According to Chinese metaphysics and Chinese medicine, there are three major energy centers: the lower dian tian (stomach and lower abdomen), the middle dian tian (chest and solar plexus), and the upper dian tian (head).


Earth branch is a sign of the Chinese calendar and horoscope, corresponding to the energy that dominates the earth at a certain point in time.

Elements are the primordial energies of the five primary elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal, their interactions are described by the U-Sin system. They are deep and multifaceted concepts, far beyond the physical understanding of the elements.

Energology is the science of the movement of energy inside the human body, energy exchange between people, the state of human energy, energy practices and exercises.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science of the movement of energy in space.


Heavenly stem is a sign of the Chinese calendar and horoscope, corresponding to the energy that dominates the sky at a certain point in time. The heavenly stems are represented by the elements of the Wu-Xing circle and are combined with the concept of yin-yang. There are ten heavenly stems: yang tree, yin tree, yang fire, yin fire, yang earth, yin earth, yang metal, yin metal, yang water and yin water.

Human energy is a self-regulating system of the human body, representing the quantity and quality of energy, the amount of energy and the ability to control energy.

Hexagram is a sign consisting of six horizontal lines. Solid or intermittent. There are sixty-four hexagrams. Description of all hexagrams make up the I-Ching book of changes.


I-Ching – the book of changes, is an ancient descriptive and predictive system of the structure and functioning of the world and space


Lo Shu square is a complex and composite system of the energy structure of space and time. Consists of nine palaces, each corresponds to a trigram, element, season, age, energy and other aspects. Lo Shu Square is used in magical practices, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dong Jia and other metaphysical sciences.


Metaphysics is a discipline that includes in its worldview, in addition to physical phenomena, also energy phenomena.

Meridians are energy channels in the human body that ensure the circulation and exchange of qi energy between dan tians, internal organs and the outside world.


Noble – patron, protective energy, synonymous with guardian angel in Feng Shui, Ba Zi and Qi Men Dong Jia.

Noble dragon – a concept from Feng Shui, an auspicious annual direction, is located opposite Tai Yang.


Oracle is an assessment of the situation based on the Qi Men Dong Jia table, built at the time the question was asked.


Palace is a place in the Ba Zi maps, the Qi Men Dong Jia tables and the Lo Shu square corresponding to different aspects of a person’s life. Palaces are: life, brothers and sisters, spouses, children, wealth, property, employee, friends, risk, religion, movement and parents.


Qi Men Dong Jia is an ancient Chinese science of space and time, used for warfare. Now used to get good luck in various matters.

Qi energy is an all-penetrating and all-penetrating intangible substance, which is the primordial life energy.


Tao is the Taoist conception of the world and man, in which everything that exists follows the Tao and is permeated with its energy.

Taoism is the oldest ideological and religious system based on the doctrine of Tao.

Tai Yin – a concept from Feng Shui, the great yin, the moon, the favorable energy direction of the year.

Tai Sui is a concept from Feng Shui, the main energy direction of the year.

Tai Yang – a concept from Feng Shui, great yang, the sun, auspicious energy direction of the year.

Trigram – a sign consisting of three horizontal lines. Solid or intermittent. There are eight trigrams, each of which corresponds to the palace of the Luo Shu square. Each trigram is a complex ideological and practical system for describing a number of aspects corresponding to the direction, season, age and others.


Wu Wei is a Taoist system of worldviews that affirms the principle of non-action as fundamental. The principle of non-action is following the current energies and the ability to use them.

Wu Xing is an ancient Chinese descriptive fundamental system for generating, weakening and controlling the primary elements. Primary elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The primary elements correspond to expanded energy substances.


Yin-Yang is the fundamental concept of Chinese metaphysics, which consists in the mutual generation and confrontation of everything and everywhere. The duality of the system is both harmonious and contradictory, thus accurately showing its viability.