Life Coaching & Astrology

Astrology Life Coaching is an individual consultation of the client to achieve his personal goals. When you have some desire or life goal, where does it all begin? That’s right, with dissatisfaction! With what dissatisfaction, the persevering reader will ask. I will answer: a new goal = dissatisfaction with the current situation, the desire to change where it is better than now. How do we set goals in our lives? Where do they come from? As practice shows, in 90% of cases our life goals come from society, from social expectations from us, from an understanding of what we should be.

Astrology Life Coaching will help you figure out: what we want is ours or not? What is truly ours? What do we want with all our heart?

Astrology Life Coaching will clarify: what do we want, how much do we want it, by what date do we want it and what will happen to our whole life when we achieve this, what will be the next goal?

Astrology Life Coaching will reveal: how to get it? what are the real ways? What options haven’t we considered yet? (and we will never consider without a coach) which option is the most viable?

Astrology Life Coaching will reveal: Why is this goal really important to us? what lies beyond the physical goal? why we will go to our goal in spite of any obstacles? What big meanings are hidden behind the desire for change?

Astrology Life Coaching will answer: how to bring the work started to the end? how to strengthen motivation when you are a few steps away from the goal? how to make the final push and get the coveted trophy? where to go after reaching the goal?

Who is a life coach?

First, let’s figure it out, a coach is: not a psychotherapist – works with problems from the past; not a consultant – offers ready-made solutions to the problem; not a mentor – shares experience, gives advice; not a trainer – trains skills, competencies;

Who is this coach? Coach is a personal assistant in achieving the goal set by the client and works exclusively with the future. Coach is someone who plays for you and moves you towards a clear, measurable, understandable result. Coach is a professional who, by conducting a coaching session, using coaching techniques, assists the client in achieving his goals. The meaning of the coach’s activity is to help the client determine goals, find ways to achieve goals, expand the client’s vision, help take a different look at familiar situations, create new experiences.

What is a coaching session?

Coaching session is a one-time interaction between the client and the coach, it takes place in the format of a conversation, where the coach asks open strong coaching questions and applies special coaching techniques. The duration of a coaching session is approximately 40 to 70 minutes. Usually one coaching session is held once a week at a convenient time for everyone, in a comfortable environment.

Individual life coaching happens:

Express coaching – 3-5 coaching sessions

Medium-term coaching – 8-12 coaching sessions

Long-term coaching – from 20 coaching sessions and more

What are the areas of life coaching? Life coaching is aimed at solving life goals, tasks, organizing life in general. Business coaching is aimed at achieving business decisions, business results.

How does coaching work? During the coaching session, the coach focuses on the strengths of the client, he himself is in a non-judgmental state (coach position). The coach helps to turn the problem into a goal and find possible ways to achieve it. The coach focuses the client’s attention on opportunities, ways, and options for positive change in the future. The coach helps the client to recognize their values, to which our skills, actions and, of course, results are inevitably tied. It is actually very difficult to describe the interaction that takes place during a coaching session, because it is more than a conversation, more than questions and answers, more than understanding, insight and state. The number of coaching sessions is extremely important, the result of each coaching session is a small shift in the client’s perception of reality, which in total leads to a new worldview of the client and, of course, to qualitatively new results.

How much does coaching cost?

Installation coaching session – diagnosing a problem, transforming a problem into a request and a request into a contract, determining the time horizons for achieving the goal, agreeing on the duration and format of further coaching interaction, a personal metaprogram profile of the client is compiled.

Installation life astrology coaching session — $250.

Medium-term life astrology coaching (8-12 coaching sessions) – $300 per coaching session.

Transformational life astrology coaching (from 20 coaching sessions or more) – $500 per coaching session.

Team astrology coaching — $2500 per 8 hours.

Political astrology coaching – $1500 per coaching session.

A coaching contract is an agreement that regulates the interaction between the coach and the client, fixing the results and conditions of joint work. Coaching interaction can be face-to-face or online, depending on the type of perception of the client, the convenience of the work and the availability of the client’s free time.

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