Privacy & Security

Confidentiality is one of the key parameters that I guarantee and provide to the client. The work of a Ba Zi consultant is very similar in terms of trust to the work of a personal lawyer or banker. After an astrological consultation and examination of the birth chart, I really have a greater share of information about a person, including the information that he hides from others. Most often, these are not some great secrets, just any person is closer to society on one side, the other side is available to the immediate environment, and the deepest part of a person is accessible only to him alone. 

How is privacy and security guaranteed?

1. I never ask the names of my clients. It is enough for me to know the name by which the person appears. Although the name of some clients may not be asked, they know the gender of the country.

2. I do not keep paper records of consultations. Data is stored on a personal server in an electronically encrypted form using special software. This information is stored for my personal use, if the client contacts repeatedly, it helps to remember what happened before.

3. The consultation records contain only the initials of the clients, so even if someone gets access to them, it will be impossible to figure out what’s what.

4. Most of the data is written in ancient Chinese characters and special signs denoting interactions that few linguists understand. These are specific ancient hieroglyphs related to astrology. This is such a complex topic that in addition to digital encryption, the hieroglyphs themselves are an excellent defense.

5. First trust then knowledge. Confidentiality for the Ba Zi consultant is a reputational component. I keep it as the apple of my eye in purity and infallibility. To some extent, the trust of clients is all my capital. Therefore, the fifth point of the confidentiality guarantee is my extreme interest in it. And this is the most important point. Thanks to him, I take responsibility for all my consulting activities.