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Everything you wanted to know about astrological consultation, but did not dare to ask

Who needs to consult an astrologer?

In the life of every person, different events constantly occur. Why is it so? Because external energies change. With the change of larger energies, it is as if the energy weather is changing and changes are coming in everyone’s life. You can track and predict these energy changes using Chinese astrology.

The consultation will be useful to those people for whom clarity and manageability in life is important. Those who are on the verge of making vital decisions. Those who need a qualified view from the outside and need to prioritize their lives. Consulting with the master David Vekua, you get information about how the situation will change in the future for you personally and what to do about it.

What can you find out?

You can find out the probability of the occurrence of future events from any sphere of life. I repeat: probability. Astrology is based on the movement of celestial bodies, planets and stars. All of them move cyclically, which means that their movement can be calculated. And if you can calculate, then this is mathematics. Accordingly, when predicting future events, I operate with probabilities. Higher and lower. Sometimes I talk about percentages, for example: “You will change jobs in 2022 with a probability of 80%”. Why percentage? Because it’s honest.

Can future events be changed?

Yes, you can. But only if you know about them in advance. That is, consult an astrologer. Approximately 33.33% of events are influenced by stars and planets, another 33.33% are influenced by Feng Shui and the current life situation, and the last 33.33% that affect whether an event happens or not is the person’s own actions. Thus, knowing the influence of stars and planets (33.33%), choosing a favorable Feng Shui (33.33%) and acting purposefully (33.33%), a person is able to radically influence any situation.

And what is an astrologer predict something bad?

This is a lie. If you read the paragraph above, then you now know that your fate is in your hands, and not in someone else’s. There is no single event that can happen with 100% probability. In order for bad things to happen, you need to consciously do nothing.

How to get an astrological consultation?

Consultation Themes

Health, energy

Relationships, marriage, love

Career, business, finances

Children, having children

Who will consult?

The consultation is conducted personally by David Vekua, a researcher of human energy, a master of Chinese metaphysics, a qigong practitioner, a well-known astrologer and fortune teller. David Vekua is a professional coach with an international education, so his consultations are careful, clear and attentive recommendations.

David Vekua is a master of Chinese metaphysics, certified coach of the International Coach Federation (USA), curator of Erickson Coaching International (Canada). Advisor to the heads of several large corporations, strategic adviser to the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

Organizational moments

Duration and format of the consultation

One-to-one interactive discussion. Duration 1.5 hours. The format of the consultation online all around the world.

How to pay?

For customers all around the world: PaySend card-to-card transfer, Wise, Money Gram or Western Union transfer.

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