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The Vekua dynasty is a famous ancient Georgian family. The Vekua dynasty is known thanks to scientists, researchers, industrialists, winemakers and spiritual figures who made it significant in world history. Quote by David Vekua: “I am passionate about the study of human energy, the energy of space and time. I believe that this science will become an academic discipline in the near future. Our ancestors gave us the opportunity to be proud of our origin. My daily modest efforts are aimed at ensuring that new generations of my family could be proud of their ancestors. God help us.”

David Vekua is the master of Chinese metaphysics from Ukraine 🇺🇦, certified coach of the International Coach Federation (USA), curator of Erickson Coaching International (Canada), co-founder of Vekua School, author of the Tea People project. Advisor to the heads of several large corporations, strategic adviser to the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

Specialization: strategic advisor, Feng Shui of real estate, individual astrological consulting, selection of business partners, recruitment, team coaching, individual coaching of managers.

Master of Feng Shui 風水, Ba Zi 八字, Qi Men Dong Jia 奇門遁甲. Qigong practitioner, Zhong Yuan Qigong 1-3 steps. A personal student of Master Mu Yuchun (穆玉春 Mu Yu Chun) in Taijiquan 太极拳, Baguazhang 八卦掌, acupuncture massage and Chinese calligraphy shufa 書法. Researcher of human energy, author of energy techniques and exercises.

Feng Shui 風水 is the Chinese art of harnessing the energies of space and time, applied to construction and property selection.

Ba Zi 八字 is an ancient Chinese technique for describing a person and their fate by date of birth.

Qi Men Dong Jia 奇門遁甲 is the ancient Chinese art of strategic planning and divination.

Vekua School is the school of the Vekua method, the main principle of which is the unification of the body, mind, spirit, space and time.

Vekua’s dynasty blazon
David Vekua, 2019 year

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